Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Computer Services and Solutions in One

Computer IT Support Melbourne
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Rarely if ever do we find all imaginable computer services and solutions, which are essential to making the now IT-driven world go round, offered in one place or single website, remotely or on-site.  Millennium Support Computer Solutions (MSCS) has it all. From web design and apps development, home computer services to IT services and business solutions, MSCS provides high-quality, prompt and friendly support and advice to all comers. 


Millennium Support boasts of the entire range of proven methods to assist clients on all IT-related issues. This is expertly done either through phone support, on-site technicians or remote assistance.

The experienced Millenium Support technicians possess the knowledge, training and skills to solve all your IT-related problems.  The company will tailor a solution for the specific needs of residential users either creating a home network or going into complex business server environments.  We provide a full range of services to our home user clients, whether it is transferring data from an old to a new PC or setting up a new internet connection.  Our vast knowledge and experience can pull you up and running fast and efficiently in no time.

Remote Support Melbourne
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Remote support is now the mode of choice for many because as it allows a technician to be far more productive since they can solve many issues for many different clients without leaving the office.  This means they are more often available for phone support and reduces travel costs and call out fees which translates to far cheaper rates for remote support than onsite support.

The easiest and fastest way to avail of MSCS services and solutions is through remote support.  Its remote support software allows a technician to control your computer from a remote location provided there is an active internet connection.  Through this method, we can either solve a problem you are experiencing or get you tutored on various software methods such as the Microsoft Office suite.

MSCS technicians get to work by first investigating the problem using a remote session if an internet connection is available.  Many issues are often fixed remotely and the charge for remote support is far less than onsite support.  By determining the cause of an issue before attending onsite a technician can come prepared for what they face and if it is a task such as replacing a hard drive a backup can be completed before the technician arrives on site so he can commence work right away.

Apart from remote support, the other home computer services offered by Millenium onsite and offsite include home network, PC/laptop sales, PC/laptop repairs and virus removals.

If you need to work from home, They also serves up remote access, servers, exchange servers, backup and anti-virus solutions.  It provides a full range of business IT support solutions from design/conception through installation to completion.  Services include cabling, WiFi site surveying, Servers, Network Accessible Storage (NAS) devices, virus removal, backup solutions and software/hardware installation and troubleshooting.

When it comes to web design and app development, MSCS is the go-to company.  We have an array of services on this requirement that includes CRM and CMS, Search Engine Optimization, web applications and online shopping carts, among others.  Some of our web designs have been cited in the best design websites for combining digital craftsmanship with creative thinking.