Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Great IT Maintenance Services in Melbourne

IT Maintenance Melbourne
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InformationTechnology (IT) is what keeps businesses going in today’s world.  It is the extensive use of such major IT tools as servers, networks, PCs, printers and peripherals that keep business humming for companies. But for companies to reap the benefits from IT on an uninterrupted basis, their IT tools must be well-maintained to ensure that user downtime is limited and staff productivity is maximized. 

Managing IT assets can be a resource-heavy job, with on-going issues and small fixes taking away valuable time from core tasks and the need to store parts and spares locally eating into physical assets. If any of your IT equipment fails, it can cause untold damage to the business, as employees are apt to struggle to interact with the systems. Also, life-cycle management of distributed desktops is complex and unpredictable, and costs can escalate if not followed closely.

Millenium Support

One company dedicated to averting such incidents is the Millennium Support ComputerSolutions in Melbourne, which provides a comprehensive multi-vendor support package that will protect your investment.  MSCS covers a full range of IT-related equipment, including desktops, laptops, printers, data center servers, enterprise and storage equipment.  It also does maintenance work on network and audio-visual equipment.

The incident and problem management systems, best practice processes and technical skill sets of our offer cost-effective I.T. maintenance and support to all comers.  Key features of the service include rapid response regardless of location and quick resolution (wherever possible within a single visit) to minimize disruption and lost productivity.

Millenium Support boasts of a pool of highly experienced and trained national field service engineers are manufacturer trained on a vast array of IT makes, including IBM and HP Warranty Authorization, Dell, Toshiba, Digital, Brother, Epson and Sharp. The company has developed a broad range of Computer I.T. support and maintenance services that reflect its customers’ changing needs.

These services can be provided independently or as part of a total managed service. A flexible pricing model approach allows charges to be inventory, population, resource or frequency based.  The model can be flexed to include combinations of these and other variables.

We can provide solutions that range from standard offerings delivering the best cost benefits through to bespoke solutions to meet the needs of diverse businesses.  Its approaches combine the utilization of dedicated field and centralized resources to deliver the service levels required within budget. It can provide multiple levels of IT maintenance for servers workstations or entire networks.

Some of the IT Maintenance in Melbourne services that can be included in a service level agreement are the following:

  • Manned telephone support
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop where available
  • Planned or Emergency Onsite assistance (extra costs apply)

Weekly Server Maintenance Including:

  • Backup logs checked and cleared
  • Trial Restore performed to verify backup integrity
  • System event logs checked and cleared
  • Events reported in logs investigated and solved
  • Temporary files removed
  • Disk space checked and defragmented when necessary
  • System resources monitored including CPU usage, Memory usage, Network usage etc.
  • Server scanned for viruses, logs checked and cleared
  • Update virus definitions on workstation
  • Windows updates reviewed and installed
  • Issues regarding speed of client/server connections addressed.
  • All events are recorded in a fortnightly report